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Big Buck Bunny
kp : 6,5

Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny
kp : 6,5

Big Buck Bunny

2008, Baby, Netherlands
HD 0+ 10:35

The plot follows a day in the life of Big Buck Bunny, during which time he meets three bullying rodents: Frank the flying squirrel (the leader), Rinky the red squirrel, and Gimera the chinchilla (his sidekicks). The rodents amuse themselves by harassing helpless creatures of the forest by throwing fruits, nuts, and rocks at them.

When the rodents kill two butterflies with an apple and a rock, and then attack Bunny, he sets aside his gentle nature and orchestrates a complex plan to avenge the two butterflies.

Using a variety of traps, Bunny first dispatches Rinky and Gimera. Frank, unaware of the fate of the other two, is seen taking off from a tree, and gliding towards a seemingly unsuspecting Bunny. Once airborne, Frank triggers Bunny's final series of traps, causing Frank to crash into a tree branch and plummet into a spike trap below. At the last moment, Frank grabs onto what he believes is the branch of a small tree, but discovers it is just a twig Bunny is holding over the spikes. Bunny snatches up Frank.

The movie concludes with Bunny being pleased with himself as a butterfly flies past him holding a string, at the end of which is Frank attached as a flying kite.

In a post-credits scene, Frank still as a kite, has a bird poop on him.

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